WATCH: Comedy genius Stuart Broad is at it again

County Cricket
Stuart Broad Nottinghamshire PA

Stuart Broad is the funniest cricketer on the planet. 

This much we know. Whether it’s getting every man, woman and child in Australia to suddenly think batsmen should walk actually, or mucking about with sightscreens for seven minutes before getting out first ball, or taking a hat-trick without realising, Broad has it all.

And county cricket is lucky enough to currently have the great man bringing some of his very best material to the Championship right now.

In the humble surrounds of Nottinghamshire v Somerset and with Craig Overton bowling right arm round the wicket, left-handed Broad somehow managed to get clean bowled on middle stump around his legs. The ball was pretty much gun barrel straight. The dismissal defies the laws of physics.

Broad being Broad, this dismissal – something way beyond most mere mortals of the comedy cricket scene – was only the start.

What happens next is just beautiful. First a double-take, Broad looking at the mangled stumps as if utterly unable to comprehend how this had happened to him, even though getting clean bowled is an increasingly frequent event for the great man these days.

Surveying the wreckage, with the middle stump on the floor some yards away and the off stump standing slightly askew, Broad calmly straightens the off stump before being on his way. It’s just a fantastic bit. No other player could have pulled it off. No other player would even have the vision to see the opportunity. He is, in his own way, a genius.

Then later on he did a cheeky little celebrappeal to win an lbw verdict for something that looks very legsidey to us. All in a day’s work for our hero.


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