Pocket Cricket – A cricket game for real cricket fans

Pocket Cricket

Cricket365 has joined forces with Pocket Cricket, a game created by a bunch of people who wanted a challenge for their cricket brains.

You need 114 from 82. Five wickets down. New batsman at the crease. Bowler’s taken 3/11. Full ball two feet outside off. Easy decision right? Just shuffle across and flick it over fine leg for six. Why not do it again to the exact same delivery after? Wow, cricket is easy!

No.  No it isn’t.

And cricket fans know this.

While lashing every single delivery for a boundary is a lot of fun and a great way to ‘switch off’ for an hour, sometimes you want your knowledge of the game tested.

REALLY tested.

Pocket Cricket is a game that presents a challenge only a real cricket fan will appreciate. How to construct an innings. How to read the match. When to go into a defensive bubble. How to read the field. How to take advantage of your opponent’s weakness. When to bring the pain.

It may seem unbeatable at first. Hell, it WILL BE unbeatable at first. But keep going. Think like a batsman. Winning is so much sweeter when you have to really work for it.

Some tips:
* You’re not going to hit every ball for a boundary.
* Watch the bowler’s form.
* Pay attention to your own form.
* Look for gaps in the field.
* Take advantage of every bad ball.
* You can use the spacebar when playing the timing game.
* Use the batting powerplay.
* You can leave the game at any time and come back to it.

Head to Pocket Cricket now, register and start playing.