Why now, AB? Questioning the timing of De Villiers’ retirement

No, it’s not a cleverly contrived conspiracy to detract from the Ashwin Willemse versus Nick Mallett controversy. AB de Villiers, indeed, has retired from all forms of international cricket – with immediate effect. Wednesday’s announcement will be viewed as out of the blue by many, but the signs have been there for a while. Regardless,…


Grumpy old Graves risking it all as he presses ahead with Hundred fiasco

Colin Graves, chairman of the ECB and the ex-Costcutter mogul, doesn’t strike one as a chap who is down with the kids, does he? No, he strikes me as a classic passive-aggressive grumpy 70-year-old Yorkshireman. I know this because I was raised around such men. He tried to justify the appalling 100-ball tournament on Monday…


Australia has lost its collective mind


On Sunday March 25 2018, Australians all over the country woke to some shocking news. Australia had cheated at cricket. While the rest of the world simply shrugged and thought “Well of course they have,” before chortling at the Baldrick-like cunning of the whole sorry enterprise, Australians were inexplicably but genuinely surprised. As son looked…