Abbott to decide on comeback date


Fast bowler Sean Abbott has to decide for himself when he wants to return to the cricket field, less than two weeks after his delivery fatally struck Phillip Hughes in the neck.

The New South Wales paceman returned to training this week and has to decide if he is in the right frame of mind to take the field in his State side's next First-class match starting next Tuesday.

New South Wales chief executive Andrew Jones told News Ltd Media: "He's in the same boat as everybody else.  

"It's a matter for him to see what he wants to do so we'll let him make that decision.

"We'll just regroup then and confirm where everybody is at and if everyone's comfortable to play or not comfortable to play or where individuals are at, and go from there."

There has been widespread support for Abbott from the cricketing community and trauma experts have recommended that he, and his team-mates who were affected by the incident, return to training and competitive action.

Michael Burge, director of the Australian College of Trauma Treatment told Reuters: "I wouldn't recommend (the players) stay away (from the sport) at all, actually.

"They just need to be taking into account that they may be a little bit awkward or not quite on their game as they were for a few weeks.

"(They should) give themselves some self-latitude, some tolerance and compassion to be, perhaps, less than their best."

It was revealed on Friday that Abbott had decided to sit out a grade (club) game at the weekend.