Afghanistan to seek assistance from India


Afghanistan Cricket Board president Nasimullah Danish will try and secure neighbouring India as their home ground for upcoming games in International cricket.

The Asian team, who won their first match at a world event at the recent World Cup against Scotland, have been forced to play their home matches in the United Arab Emirates as their war-torn country is deemed to dangerous to host any teams.

Danish feels that his country have not tapped into the resources that cricketing superpower India have and will ask the president of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani, to ask for assistance when he has a state visit next week.

The Cricket Board president said: "Unfortunately, we have not got as much assistance from India as we should have. I don't know why, but maybe the BCCI has got other things on its mind.

"That is why we have requested our president to discuss how we can cooperate with the Indian cricket establishment both on and off the field.

"I hope our national team can play in India soon. It will also be a great help to get some expertise in coaches and infrastructure.

"We would like to play our home matches against other teams in India. We don't want to play all the time in either the United Arab Emirates or Pakistan, we want to play in India."