Ajmal frustrated by ‘inconsistent’ action tests

2015 World Cup

Banned Pakistan spinner Saeed Ajmal has been left 'frustrated' by the process of getting his action retested, saying as soon as he fixes one thing, a different test shows another problem the other tests missed.

Ajmal was banned earlier this year after his action was shown to breach the flex limit of 15 degrees by more than double. Since then, he's been hard at work in Lahore to remodel his action with the help of Saqlain Mushtaq.

But his recent testing did not get a pass mark, and the spinner feels there needs to be standardised equipment used all over the world. He also felt that the technology was too strict, beyond what a reasonable person could fix.

Ajmal told Pakpassion.net: "The frustrating thing is that I was tested in 2009, tested again earlier this year and have had private tests on my bowling action recently. Every single one of those tests has produced different results.

"There is just no consistency at all in these tests and the subsequent reports. If there was consistency then I would know where I stand. I work on rectifying one issue and then in the next report something different is pointed out to me.

"I think 99% of bowlers these days would fail the 15 degree test for at least one or more of their deliveries. I also think that the technology being used in match situations to assess bowling actions is too strict.

"I think they should use the normal television cameras to assess our bowling actions, but instead what is being used are cameras that can virtually see the blood running though our bodies."

The most recent report out of Loughborough showed that Ajmal had made 'significant' improvements but was not yet ready for formal testing. His doosra was still the biggest issue, which Ajmal acknowledged.

He said: "I'm very pleased with the assessment of Dr. King. It was very heartening to hear what he had to say. I was expecting a reduction to about 30 degrees but to see that some deliveries are down to 20 degrees is fantastic and positive news for me.

"Also, what is really encouraging is that most of my deliveries are now within the 15 degree limit. The ICC's rules of course stipulate that all deliveries have to be under 15 degrees and I'm very confident that I will achieve that target with the help of Saqlain Mushtaq and all the other individuals who are helping me and guiding me.

"I'm working hard on adjusting the doosra to ensure that it is also under 15 degrees and I'm confident that I will manage to do that."

But if he doesn't make it to the World Cup, which he is confident will happen, Ajmal says he'll be cheering the side on like he has been since his banning.

He said: "All this effort with Saqlain Mushtaq and the work at Lahore and Loughborough is with the World Cup in mind and I'm hopeful and confident that my bowling action will be cleared ahead of this showpiece event.

"However, if I don't make the World Cup then my prayers and well-wishes will be with my Pakistani team mates. If I'm not there in Australia and New Zealand my support will be with the Pakistan team and I'll be cheering them on loudly."