Ajmal’s action not legal yet – Report to PCB


Pakistan spinner Saeed Ajmal's comeback ambitions have been dealt a blow with the news that his remodelled action has still not met the legal action requirements set out by the ICC.

Ajmal was banned earlier this year after his action was found to have breached the 15 degree flex limit my more than double. He reworked his action with the help of former spinner Saqlain Mushtaq, before going to England for testing.

While he had been confident of a positive result in the informal test, and thus on his way to a clearance and return in time for the World Cup, the report has revealed that he is still bowling with an illegal action.

Loughborough Biomechanist Dr Mark King said in his report to the PCB: "The bowler has clearly modified his bowling action substantially.

"There is clearly a substantial improvement from the previous official test where the average elbow extension was 40 degrees but the amount of elbow extension is still over the 15-degree limit.

"But it is likely that with additional work the bowler can bowl within the 15-degree limit."

This will be a big blow to Pakistan, who now are facing the loss of their other premier spinner in Mohammad Hafeez, who is in the 21-day window to get tested after being reported after the Tests against Australia.