Akram advises Younis to focus on Tests


Former Pakistan captain Wasim Akram says veteran batsman Younis Khan should stop worrying about being picked for the ODI side, and should instead focus on Tests as they are where he is at his best.

Younis, who has played 264 ODIs, was not picked for the trip to Zimbabwe, and does not seem to be a part of the PCB's one-day plans, but the batsman refuses to retire from the format.

Bowling legend Akram feels Younis should take the hint, but also says that the PCB should sit down and explicitly tell Younis what the future holds.

Akram said: "There is a clear communication gap between the cricket board and national selectors and Younis which is why we see the senior batsman keep on repeating he wants to play 50-overs cricket.

"I think it is best if the board and selectors sat down with Younis and discussed their future plans for him specially where one-day cricket and Tests are concerned.

"Pakistan still requires him in this format where he has been so consistent. But I think given his seniority Younis deserves to be told by the selectors where he stands as far as ODIs are concerned.

"Younis deserves this much but I would advise him to stop worrying about playing the ODI format."

Younis last played at ODI at the World Cup in March, but has scored two big centuries for the Test side since then. His Test average is above 54, while in ODIs he averages less than 32.