Akram shooter apoligises for ‘misunderstanding’


The retired Pakistani military officer who fired shots at former fast bowler Wasim Akram's car has written an apology to the former player, calling the road rage furor a 'sad incident'.

Amirul Rehman fired at Akram's car during peak traffic when the legend was on his way to the national stadium in Karachi for a coaching session.

Akram said at the time, on 5 August, that the man would have shot him had someone else not intervened, and pointed out who he was.

Rehman wrote, as quoted in the Express Tribune: "First of all my unconditional apology on the sad incident which took place during a road rage.

"Myself and family are great fan of yours. I had a strong opposition at home, also of in your favour.

"You are our national hero, our pride. How can I think to fight with you, it was just a misunderstanding.

"Sir, I personally request a personal audience to clarify myself."

The matter is still with the courts, and it remains to be seen what impact the letter will have on the case.