Could America handle cricket?


While India continues to enjoy cricket, Americans are distancing themselves from the sport. This is an observation that has been made during Cricket World Cups and other sporting events.

As it is now, many former British colonies play the game. But the Americans are still nowhere to be seen. So why is it that the game of cricket is not popular in America? And do they stand a chance to make it popular in the near future?

Did you know that cricket was a popular sport in the country back in the mid 19th century? Apparently, baseball’s rapid expansion across the US came at the expense of cricket.

The following reasons have been blamed for this shift in interest. People have argued that:

Baseball had simpler rules than cricket at the time

People don’t want to spend time learning how to play a new game. If they are presented with two interesting games at Red Flush casino for instance, they will gravitate towards that game which has simpler rules. This might partly justify why cricket didn’t pick the right momentum from the start.

Cricket required dedicated fields to play

Again, this reason has to boil down to the availability of resources. At the time, resources were scarce, and it seemed right to pick games that would never put strain on resources. Baseball was one of them at the time, and so people just chose to focus on baseball as opposed to cricket.

The marketing aspect

Marketing played a role in popularizing certain games within the American continent. Apparently, cricket didn’t get enough exposure like other games did. You see, when the American sense of nationality started emerging in the aftermath of the civil war, baseball promoters saw this as an opportunity because infrastructure was expanding, both in form of communication and transportation technologies.

Most of the existing traveling clubs were stitched together to favor baseball, and so athletes and fans flocked to these avenues in order to be unified in the league. But on the other hand, the existing cricket clubs at the time opted to base their operations at a regional level, thus they didn’t take advantage of the historical moment.

As a result, those who played cricket at the time switched to baseball, and they did so together with their fans as well. But even though cricket still managed to maintain a significant momentum in the early 20th century, it couldn’t catch up due to the mass exodus that was being witnessed.

The financial numbers aren’t a match, and this can make it nearly impossible for cricket to recover

The US cricket Association has an annual budget of $200,000 which is aimed at growing the sports in the country. This money is paid by the International Cricket Association. However, if you compare this revenue to that of the New York Yankees which is $300 million by the way, you realize that the financial numbers don’t favor cricket at all.

By the way, the total value of the team is $1.2 billion which far surpasses what cricket teams are worth in the U.S. So unless they take care of funding and the other factors mentioned above, Americans don’t stand a chance or reviving cricket.

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