Amir: I will be playing for the fans of cricket


Fast bowler Mohammad Amir, who was banned from cricket as an 18 year-old for spot-fixing while playing in a Test match for Pakistan against England, has said he wants to win over cricket fans who fell out of love with the game because of him.

Amir along with Salman Butt, who was Pakistan captain at the time, and Mohammad Asif were guilty of purposefully trapping no-balls in a spot-fixing scam in 2010. Amir was the only one not to contest the charges, and was given a five-year ban by the ICC.

The ICC has given the go-ahead for the now 22 year-old Amir to return to domestic cricket, although he is still banned from international cricket.

While being interviewed for the Death of a Gentleman documentary, Amir said:"Fans were disheartened because of me. I want to make them happy and win them over again.
"They felt bad for cricket I have to tell them that cricket is a gentleman's game and I am going to prove it. Once Amir had a dream to play for Pakistan now Amir's dream is not only to play for Pakistan but also for these people around the world."

There are still some people in and around the game, especially former players, that feel Amir should never be allowed to play again. The left-arm bowler knows his every move will be scrutinised.

He said: "All eyes will be on me and I have to prove this with my performance, my attitude, my behavior. Pressure obviously will be there because I will be getting a new life so I have to play my cricket positively.

"It's different because this time I wont be playing for myself, I will be playing for the fans of cricket, and not only for Pakistani fans but all those around the world who followed me, supported me."