Arthur learned a lot from Australia mistakes


New Pakistan head coach Mickey Arthur says he'll be very mindful of the lessons he learned while coaching Australia when dealing with his new team, and thinks he'll be a better manager of the players.

Arthur's tenure with Australia was marred by conflicts within the team and between him and the players, most notably the notorious 'homeworkgate' incident, which Arthur says he hates discussing.

That refers to a task he gave the players to do while on tour in India in 2013, and when some players, including Shane Watson, didn't complete the 'homework' they were dropped for the next Test. It was downhill from there.

Arthur said of the saga to News Corp: "I hate the word 'homeworkgate'. And I hate that whole issue.

"But at the end of the day, would I have done it again? Maybe, maybe not. I'm not sure.

"But I certainly learnt a massive amount out of the whole experience."

Arthur's Pakistan side will face Australia later this year, and he hopes he'll be able to apply some lessons to his new job, and give his former charges a run for their money on home soil.

He added to Fairfax: "There are things I would have done differently but they're not for open discussion.

"The principles I had in South Africa I tried to introduce in Australia and maybe I needed to be a bit more flexible and really judge the temperature a bit better, and a willingness to change. That makes me a better coach now.

"The work that Darren and his staff have done with the players has been very, very good. It's been outstanding.

"You do feel a little bit like you were on the right track in terms of player identification but who knows? I'm just looking forward to playing against them at the end of the year.

"It'll be a great summer. Hopefully we can get (the Pakistan players) up to speed – they can certainly test Australia in all departments."