Ashraful: I can play for another 10 years


Former Bangladesh batsman Mohammad Ashraful has been cleared to play domestic cricket, but cannot set foot on an international field till 2018, and he says he hopes to play for another decade at least.

Ashraful is serving a five-year ban after being found guilty of match fixing in 2013, and says he hopes to redeem himself enough domestically so that he can get back into the Tigers' side in 2018.

He is inspired by the longevity of Pakistan captain Misbah-ul-Haq, and says that even though he is 32 now, he has plenty of cricket left in him. He has been playing in obscure, non-BCB affiliated venues since his ban.

Ashraful told Cricinfo: "I want to do well in domestic cricket first, and prove myself. In Bangladesh, cricketers have a hard time after they cross 30 so it will be a challenge. 

"And I will be back after a long gap which has never happened before for a cricketer here. But I am taking up both challenges. 

"I want to play for ten more years, just like Misbah is doing at the age of 42."

He feels confident that he will be welcomed back with open arms, unlike Pakistan's Mohammad amir, who struggled to get his team-mates to accept him back initially.

Ashraful added: "I recently saw Tamim's interview where he said they are waiting for me to return. I don't think I will generally have many problems. 

"I confessed what I had done and I have never hurt a cricketer. There might be a comment or two when I go out to bat, as people will try to get me out."