Ashwin knows the value of adapting quickly

India spinner Ravichandran Ashwin hopes that he will be able to adapt to conditions in England quickly as he prepares for the upcoming Test series.

Ashwin enjoyed a recent spell with Worcestershire in 2017 picking up 20 wickets in four matches for the County.

Speaking after being named in India’s Test squad to face England Ashwin said: “I know England really well.

“It’s a lovely place and I enjoy going to England. I look forward to going there and enjoying playing cricket there.”

Ashwin said that he derived immense value from the County stint, something India players rarely experience.

He said: “You don’t get so many opportunities to do that in the current, very jigsaw-puzzled schedule that international cricket has.

“But for me, it is all about going there, understanding situations and trying to react to different situations.

“I want to try and use all my experience over the years that I have played Test cricket for, and make it for the best use, make sure that I give my best there, and come out as another cricketer who has learned as much as it is possible to learn from other tours.”

Ashwin says India are wary of over-preparing for the England tour and getting inside their own heads in what will be a tough series for the visitors.

“We know we are a good team. It is all about responding to the situations that are thrown at us,” he said. “Sometimes I feel we overcook ourselves, overprepare ourselves. It is very important to stay in the moment and react to it.

“What also will be crucial is how well we adapt and acclimatise earlier on in the series. But once we do, that it is all about responding to the situations and having that belief that you can retaliate at any point of time. In long Test series we are going to commit mistakes, and likewise, we are going to expect the opposition to commit mistakes.”

The Test series starts 1 August at Edgbaston in Birmingham.