Aussies mock ‘hype’ around new-look England

Australia veteran wicketkeeper Brad Haddin is no stranger to combative words, and has added fuel to the Ashes fire by saying he doesn't understand why everyone's so excited about England winning an ODI series months after the World Cup.

England beat New Zealand three-two in their five-match ODI series in June, but Haddin found this amusing, all the talk of a -new-look' England, saying they should have been playing like that at the World Cup, which the Aussies won.

Haddin said ahead of the first Ashes Test: "I don't really understand the hype around that one-day series. We'd just come off a World Cup. I don't understand what the excitement is about, and what this newfound form England found in that format.

"I'm a bit puzzled by it. We'd come off the World Cup and everyone had played – it was just like they were a couple of months too late. We played them in the first game of the World Cup when it counted and the pressure was on.

"I don't really understand the talk. Did they not enjoy cricket before then? I don't know. I don't really get where they are coming from. That might be my naivety."

All-rounder Shane Watson continued the theme, saying that while the ODI side may have been playing more positive, aggressive cricket, he doubted whether the liked of Test skipper Alastair Cook could make that change to his game.

Watson said: "I'm not sure if that's exactly in Alastair Cook's DNA, to be really able to put a game on the line.

"It's going to be interesting to see how now that Alastair Cook comes in and takes over the Test team, how they continue to evolve as a team, because it's very obvious in the one-day series they've played how they've really started to take on the game.

"But you've also got to have the calibre of players and the quality of players to be able to do that so it'll be interesting to see how their game's evolved.

"I'm just very confident in the team and squad we have. I know if we play our absolute best I know we're going to be incredibly hard to beat. Wherever England are at, if we're at our best they're going to be doing well to beat us."