Bangladesh hopeful of hosting Sri Lanka despite lockdown

Bangladesh Afghanistan

The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) remain hopeful of being able to host Sri Lanka for a Test series even the entire country has been locked down for a week.

Bangladesh in lockdown

The week-long lockdown was instituted to combat a dramatic spike in the number of new Covid-19 infections in the country that is far worse than any wave Bangladesh has faced before.

Authorities are on high alert but the BCB claims they are not yet ready to talk about drastic measures like cancelling Sri Lanka’s tour.

“All the arrangements (for the tour) are in place but at the moment we are focusing on observing the condition of the country,” BCB chief executive Nizamuddin Chowdhury told Cricbuzz.

“I cannot say it is doubtful at the moment considering the government just announced the lockdown.

“We will understand where we stand within a few days and a decision in this regard will be taken after consulting with respective authorities (government) as well as discussing with our Sri Lankan counterpart as well.”

Tour in trouble

Despite the positivity coming from the BCB, it is yet another hammer blow for a series that has already been postponed once. It was originally due to be played in October 2020 before it was postponed due to the novel coronavirus.

The situation is made even more complicated due to the fact that the Bangladesh team aren’t even in the country and will have to go through a stringent quarantine process before being allowed to visit their families after the recent tour of New Zealand.