Basic cricket bet types you should be aware of


Cricket is easily one of the most exciting sports in the world that offers a huge variety of bets.

Right from in-play betting to head-to-head matchup bets and spread betting and future bets, you get an incredible variety of markets in this sport. Although it’s always better to take help of some betting tips service provider to register consistent betting profits in cricket, you should also know enough about the sport and its bet types in order to make sound betting decisions. Let’s take you through some basic bet types you can place in cricket.

Match bets

By far the most commonly known type of cricket bets, the match bets are placed with the objective to correctly predict which one of the two playing teams will emerge the winner in a given test match, a single one-day international, a T20 game or an entire tournament. The odds are set in a manner that the pay-outs for the favourite (which goes on to win the match) are lesser than even money, while an underdog who beats the odds is paid higher than 1-to-1. Please note, all match bets are declared void in the event that the match ends up in a tie. Furthermore, any match bets placed on one-day internationals are deemed void if at least 20 overs (from both sides) don’t get bowled in the game. Some of the other names that match bets are commonly known by include ‘to win the match’ and ‘match odds’ bets.

Draw no bets

Majority of the bookmakers allow punters to bet on the possibility of test cricket matches ending up in draws. Also commonly referred to as ‘tied match bets’, these are often used in combination with the match bets, in the form of a hedge bet, if the slow play, poor weather conditions or something else might cause a match to be abandoned without any clear winner. In fact, a good number of bookmakers offer another bet type similar to this, referred to as ‘double chance’, which enables punters to bet on ‘side to draw or win.’ You are also free to bet against a tie by opting for both sides in the double chance bets.

Series winner bets

Another bet type which is pretty common in the game of cricket is the ‘series winner bet’. Every year a good number of cricket teams play 3 or 5 match series with another team, rather than one single match. ‘The Ashes’ is an excellent example of such series that involves 5 test matches between Australia and England. As may be evident, the idea in these bets is to pick the series winner in such best of 5 or best of 3 formats.

Outright winner bets

These are future bets which are applicable to tournaments like the World T20 Cup, ICC Women’s World Cup, ICC Champions Trophy or the ICC Cricket World Cup. The idea is to back a certain team to go all the way and win the tournament, no matter what its individual match results may be. As there are often a good number of teams participating in such competitions, picking an outright winner is never an easy task, which also explains the higher odds compared to the match bets.