Bayliss: Haddin’s future is in coaching


Trevor Bayliss may be the new England coach ahead of the Ashes, but he is far more familiar with the Australia players, having coached many of them at New South Wales, and is a particular expert on Brad Haddin.

Bayliss has know Haddin at the Blues for years, and feels that when the veteran wicketkeeper retires, possibly after the Ashes, that he would do well to go into coaching instead of the media.

Bayliss said: "My view on that is I think he would make a good coach. He's got the respect of the players and he's obviously a guy that's played at the top level and done well.

"And just his rapport with the players – it doesn't matter whether it's the older players or the younger players, they all gravitate to Hadds.

"He's a positive character, good to talk to about cricket and even in his role as a captain or a leader of NSW for example, he's very good with the younger players passing on his knowledge.

"I was actually having a few discussions with him the possibilities of, whenever his retirement happened, hopefully getting him involved somehow with NSW cricket. I think it would be a benefit to NSW cricket if they can get him involved."

Haddin has already retired from the ODI format, having won the World Cup earlier this year, and speculation is that he'll be one of a few Aussies, like Chris Rogers and Ryan Harris, to hang up their boots two months from now.

But Bayliss hopes that whenever that days comes, that Haddin will take his advice on board, and that NSW also see the light: "To be honest I don't know whether this will be his last series.

"He could quite easily go on to play the Australian summer as well and if he was to do that obviously doing anything from a coaching nature with the Sixers or NSW that would obviously be out of the question.

"But look, whenever it was to happen I think there are enough people in NSW cricket that know him well enough and have got a high enough opinion of him that they'll get him in there somehow."