Bayliss: The boldest team will win in India


England coach Trevor Bayliss has advised his players to keep playing 'bold' cricket ahead of the World Twenty20 in India next month, saying that the most attacking side would win the tournament.

England lost the recent T20 series to South Africa, losing both matches, and Bayliss said afterwards that he'd like to see more proper cricket shots from his batsmen. But he then said that he didn't want to see a defensive mindset.

Bayliss said on Cricinfo: "I can guarantee you one thing, the team that wins the World Twenty20 will be the boldest team there.

"If we go out and try to be too nice, or if we give that advantage away or are not as positive and aggressive as we have been when we have played well and won, then we will still not win.

"Because there will be teams out there with the confidence, players and ability to go out and play that way."

The coach was confident of doing well in India though, saying that the recent defeat wasn't a massive setback. He urged his players to let go of the self-impose pressure, and to play the cricket they had trained for over the past year.

He added: "We've had some good results, but it's a reminder to people back home in England that this team is still a developing one. We've had some good performances, and there's a lot of potential there.

"But potential never won anything … we've got some hard work to do. I think the expectation the players have put on themselves is why they are so disappointed when they play badly. It may be that extra pressure they put on themselves that they've got to get over.

"If we play well … we'll be hard to beat. In the last two games, we haven't played all that well – and in this game, we've been beaten easily. We're going to have to play a lot better than that.

"It's small margins. One catch, and we'd have only lost the last four – and we'd have won the one-day series. That's as simple as it can get.

"You win that fourth match, who knows … it might have given the boys enough confidence to go on and win the fifth one. We've got to learn from that, and work out how we can get better."