BCB contemplates first-class games with pink ball


Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) CEO Nizamuddin Chowdhury says it is likely that first-class games in the country will be played under lights in the 2016-2017 season to prepare for day/night Tests.

New Zealand have proposed to play Bangladesh in a day-night Test in December this year and, while no decision has yet been made, Chowdhury said day-night Tests are part of Bangladesh's plans.

Chowdhury told ESPNcricinfo: "It is definitely part of our plan to play day-night Test matches. We tried it as a test case at the domestic level [in 2013].

"In the present situation, we are going along the same line as the other member countries who are exploring day-night Tests. We are hopeful of trying it out in our domestic competitions [next season].

"From the information we have received so far, day-night Tests are more commercially viable. We have good crowd coming in for Test matches, but we believe there can be more if we take it to day-night matches.

"But we cannot say it with certainty. We will definitely be sitting with our players before anything is decided."

If a decision is taken that New Zealand will host the Tigers in a pink ball Test in December then the players will definitely get acclimatised with floodlit matches on the domestic circuit, starting in October.

Chowdhury continued: "If it comes to that [day-night Test in New Zealand], we will definitely be playing few matches at home before that Test match."