BCB object to two-tier Test proposal


The Bangladesh Cricket Board have voiced their disapproval for the proposed two-tier Test system, put forward by the ICC, saying it would damage their cricketing progress.

The idea is that Test teams would be divided into the top seven in tier one, and then the next five teams in tier two. As such, the Tigers, who are ranked ninth, would fall into the bottom lot.

If that happens, Bangladesh would play against 'lesser' teams rather than against the likes of South Africa, Australia, and India. This suggestion has not gone down well in Dhaka.

BCB vice-president Mahbubul Anam said on Cricinfo: "We do not support this system. We believe that more we play against competitive sides, the better we will get.

"If we didn't play against better standard sides in ODIs, we wouldn't have come this far. We were the king of the jungle from where we achieved the Test status.

"We were given a reality check when we were promoted to the highest level. I feel that if we go backwards, our cricket will regress.

"It is the ICC's responsibility to globalise the game and not create a special class. Other sports are spreading while cricket is becoming limited.

"I don't think this should be the target of a global organisation."