BCCI demand USD42 million from Windies

The BCCI have put a 42 million US dollar price tag on the West Indies tour abandonment, writing to the WICB to say they were owed that money, and the Windies board had 15 days to respond or else face legal action.

The West Indies pulled out of their tour to India with an ODI, a T20 and three Tests still to play, due to a salary dispute, and the BCCI say they have felt a massive backlash, both from ticket sales and broadcast costs.

They have demanded a repayment of the money, and the WICB have just over two weeks to respond favourably. In the meantime, Sri Lanka have stepped in to play five ODIs, but the BCCI say that's not nearly enough to recoup their losses.

BCCI secretary Sanjay Patel on Friday wrote in a letter to WICB president Dave Cameron, according to <i>Cricinfo</i>: "The BCCI is faced with huge revenue losses, a loss of reputation and is at risk of losing valuable commercial partners.

"The consequences of cancellation of a committed home Tour during the biggest festival season Diwali in India is a monumental disaster for the BCCI. It is during this season that our partners derive the most value from their rights.

"Our broadcaster had committed to its advertisers during this season and on account of your actions, is facing a severe crisis the effects of which are felt by the BCCI.

"The BCCI holds the WICB responsible and liable for all such consequences and intends to enforce its rights to seek compensation from the WICB to the fullest extent permissible in law."

He added in the case of a lack of response in 15 days: "In the event the BCCI does not receive such a proposal in acceptable terms, within a period of 15 days from receipt of this letter, please note that the BCCI has peremptorily instructed its attorneys to initiate steps for recovery of the losses by filing appropriate legal proceedings against the WICB in the appropriate Indian Court and you may treat this notice as a formal demand in that regard."

He added that the WICB knew full well what the consequences of abandonment would be, and yet didn't attempt to prevent it. He also said it would impact their scheduling for years to come, given they'll refuse to play the Windies.

Patel wrote: "The adverse financial ramifications and the negative impact of your action to unilaterally cancel the remainder of the Tour was well within your understanding, yet you still went ahead and cancelled the Tour in complete disregard of your legal commitments.

"The WICB is also aware that each National Board is committed to touring each other in a given period such that the schedule of tours between each of the Boards is fixed 8 years in advance.

"Such touring obligations are on a reciprocal basis so as to reflect not only fairness in ranking but also equal opportunity to each Board.

"As such, given the limited windows of opportunity and the long-term schedule of tours as between the National Cricket Boards, rescheduling of Tours within the 8-year period becomes impossible."