What are the best sports betting sites for cricket?

There was a time when placing a bet on a cricket match meant a hike to the bookmaker’s shop, to shove your way past the colourful characters for whom it was a second home, and fill out a finger-smudged betting slip with a leaky pen. Little wonder that it was only the real devotees who bothered to do it with any sort of regularity.

Of course, in the modern era, the betting shops still exist, and the regular clientele have probably changed very little, but these days, we can leave them in peace, and simply place a bet using our PC. Better still, we can do it from our smartphone while we are watching the match, without having to miss a single delivery.

Anyone who has explored the world of sports betting will know that there is lots of choice – in fact, it can be somewhat overwhelming.

Shop around for the best online betting deal

The online sports betting phenomenon has grown in parallel to the ever-popular online casinos that we see advertised almost non-stop on the TV. In fact, many sites offer both. A google search will provide page upon page of choices, so where do you start? Just as you would visit a comparison site for home insurance, you can do exactly the same for cricket betting sites. The Casino Apps website at realmoneycasinoapps.co.uk gives a rundown of the best deals available from different providers. Make that your first port of call, as the special offers available, particularly for new players, can make a big difference to your bankroll.

Here are some of the better known sites you will see listed, and what to expect from them.


This is one of the most familiar bookmakers in existence, thanks to its high-street presence and its connection with that great tradition, the football pools. The company has been around for 130 years and is as formidable an institution as the game of cricket itself.

William Hill

Another UK favourite, and one that is particularly familiar to cricket fans, thanks to various sponsorship deals, William Hill was one of the first to introduce the bookmaker’s stand at cricket grounds. The company is seen as a bastion of all traditional UK sports, so is also one to look out for if you want to place a wager on the rugby or football, too.

888 Sport

The Aussies are not shy about their propensity for a wager – there are numerous stories about Mark Waugh being seldom being far from a bookie, and Ricky Ponting was, of course, nicknamed Punter. It was quite a coup for 888casino, then, to acquire Shane Warne as a brand ambassador. Like Warney, 888casino is more than just a pretty face and a dazzling smile – the site also offers some of the best bonus offers around.


A relative newcomer compared to the rest, Betway has quickly joined the top ranks of betting sites. This was the company that first introduced the concept of live betting, allowing you to keep placing bets as the match evolves. Today, that’s nothing unusual, but Betway thought of it before anyone else.