Bravo: The most unprofessional board in the world


West Indies allrounder Dwayne Bravo has launched a scathing attack on his own cricket board, saying they are the most 'unprofessional board in the world'.

Following the Windies' triumph at the recent World T20, captain Darren Sammy did not hold back at the post-match presentation saying the team had not received any help from the board.

Bravo told CNC3, a television network based out of Trinidad & Tobago: "No, I was not surprised [by Sammy's comments]. We had enough as players. Too much times people come down on the players.

"They questioned our commitment, they questioned whether we were really committed to West Indies cricket or is it just the money. A lot of people don't understand the things we go through as players dealing with our board.

"It is the most unprofessional board in the world to me. Sammy spoke from his heart. There is nothing wrong with Sammy's speech and I support Darren Sammy 100%.

"The entire team supports him and it's a matter of us as players feeling hurt and the time has come where we can't take it anymore and someone needs to put a stop to it because the cricket is being run by people who do not have West Indies cricket's interest at heart."

Bravo himself has had several squabbles with the board with the most notable coming in October 2014 when, as captain, he led a boycott of an India tour because of payment issues with the board.

The WICB, according to Bravo, do not listen when the players have something to say and that is a lack of respect.

Bravo continued: "The board refused to listen to what we have to say. It reached a point where we can't take it no more and that itself encouraged us to go out there and win despite all the challenges we have.

"Even our own board did not think we were going to win the tournament. We are yet to hear from the president, yet to hear from the CEO, yet to hear from the director of cricket.

"I mean how can you represent the region, and the people who are supposed to be your bosses and in charge of you don't even wish you well, don't even support you."