Burns looks to learn from failures


Australia opening batsman, Joe Burns, has dismissed suggestions that he is out of form but instead has opined that he has learned a lot from his failures in Sri Lanka.

Burns is keen to put the past two Tests behind him, while taking valuable lessons from the resounding defeats.

Speaking to ESPN Cricinfo in Colombo, Burns said: "I'm not really one to be in or out of form,

"For me, every innings is different. I just try to focus on making sure I'm not making those same mistakes over and over. And in a place like the subcontinent, there's so many things that you can learn from the experience that you don't really worry about form, it's about executing different game plans and developing different skills.

"As a batter, you want to give yourself a chance to get in; it's always disappointing to get out early in your innings. Especially in these conditions, you know it's going to be tough to start.

"I guess that was the most frustrating thing about the second innings in Kandy – you know, when you do get a start you need to push on and make a game-changing score.

"That's probably been the most frustrating thing for me so far on the tour, having an opportunity there in Kandy to really go on with it, and not take that opportunity.

"Like I said, we don't make any excuses, we just try to learn as much as we can. I've learned a hell of a lot over the last four innings, and hopefully I'll take those lessons forward from here."

Burns believes that an international cricketer needs to show courage and adapt their game from what got them to the top in order to be succesful.

The opener continued: "When you grow up, you learn a game, you play all your domestic cricket in Australia,

"Some guys are lucky enough to play in the IPL or in County cricket and you get a taste of different experiences. I guess the courage comes when you're asked to change your game in the cut-throat environment of the pressure-cooker that is international cricket. It does take courage.

"I think all our boys are doing that. The results probably don't show that so far. That's why everyone wants to get back out there and prove it to ourselves, prove it to the world, that we are good enough to take the game on and to adapt our game and have success globally.

"Not only that, but to play well for Australia. We're two-nil down in a series. It's very frustrating at the moment. It's a tough spot to be in. I feel like we're doing everything we possibly can to turn it around."

Burns knows that his place in the team is on the line, along with a number of his teammates after the failures in the last two fixtures, but remains hopeful of playing the final Test.

The Queenslander added: "It would mean a hell of a lot,

"The series has gone now, but you're playing for your country. There's so much pride to play for in the third Test, not just for the country but as a group.

"We've gone through a little bit of a tough time. But if we can turn it around and put in a good performance, it would be huge. I know all the boys are extremely motivated.

"We're doing absolutely everything we can to turn it around. We just have to trust that putting work into your game will get the results.

"International cricket is challenging because you play all around the world. To be an international cricketer you want to have success all around the world. That success hasn't come so far in the first two Tests, with the losses that we've had.

"But you want to be a part of winning teams as a group but also as an individual to be putting in strong performances around the world. That is what drives us as individuals and as a team.

"That's why we're working so hard and trying to be really open-minded to develop game plans and skills that are going to allow us to have success for a long period of time as a group."