Buttler: IPL focused my thoughts on Tests


England wicketkeeper-batsman Jos Buttler feels his experience with the Mumbai Indians in the IPL this year actually helped him order his thoughts about Test cricket, and aims to earn his red ball place back.

Jonny Bairstow is the current Test keeper after Buttler was dropped last year due to poor form with the bat. Buttler is still the short format keeper, but feels the IPL, with the help of coach Ricky Ponting, did him the world of good.

With Bairstow doing well with the bat, but a bit clumsy with the gloves, Buttler knows he'll have to do brilliantly with both to usurp the Yorkshire man. He can no longer rely on his big-hitting reputation.

Buttler, who has 15 Test caps, told the Mirror: "The IPL was fantastic… everything you would hope and expect it to be and then more on top.

"The amount of talent in the dressing room, the coaches… I loved working with Ricky Ponting, such an impressive guy and with so much knowledge and passion for the game.

"And the cricket is just brilliant. Going through that experience should really stand you in good stead for international cricket.

"There was so much information, it was a honeypot of information, but the thing I've learned is it's about how you use it.

"It's up to you to filter it so you don't get confused. It reinforces that you are your own best coach and you have to look after yourself as a player.

"Once I organise all those thoughts in my head and play well then I feel I can become a Test player.

"I feel like I've got all the attributes to play Test cricket and it's now up to me to put them in order and understand the way I want to play and really commit to it and trust myself.

"I think through my one-day performances and potential I was picked to play Test cricket the first time. Now I think it is down to myself to demand to play Tests through performance.

"I want to be one of those players who, through performance, really bangs the door down and can't be ignored."