Buttler unimpressed with Tigers’ celebration


England captain Jos Buttler was not pleased with the way Bangladesh’s players celebrated his dismissal in the second ODI, and called it ‘over the top’.

Buttler’s dismissal was vital for the Tigers, who went on to defend their target and level the series. He was given out LBW upon review, and the hosts were very demonstrative in their joy.

Buttler took umbrage and started to make his way towards them instead of leaving the field, before Chris Woakes, Mashrafe Mortaza, and the umpires stepped in.

The stand-in skipper said of the incident afterwards: “I thought it was a little bit over the top.

“I don’t mind guys celebrating just together. I know that’s obviously a very passionate cricket country and the players are very passionate and I have got no problem with that.

“I was just a little bit disappointed in the fashion they celebrated. I don’t mind them celebrating a wicket but to run and celebrate in my face.

“Rightly they are happy to get a wicket but there is no need to run in someone’s face and celebrate.”

He did regret reacting to the situation though, saying he should have just walked away, and vowed to make sure he kept his temper in future.

He added: “Maybe in hindsight I could just walk away but it is what it is.

“Emotions were running high and obviously they were delighted to get the wicket. Maybe I should have just walked off.

“It’s certainly much more emotional as captain and you try not to react, but it’s something I will learn if I do it much more. I only have one more (match to captain).

“It’s something I will try to improve on, trying to keep levelheadedness, not letting your emotions get too high or too low.”

The third and deciding ODI will be played on 12 October.