CA pay talks postponed

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Cricket Australia have taken the decision to postpone the looming pay talks with the player’s Union the Australian Cricketer’s Association until the new year.

With a busy period of cricket ahead CA are keen to avoid their players being drawn into a public dispute and would like to avoid any disruptions to either the Big Bash League or boxing day Test.

Cricket Australia issued a press release that read: “Cricket Australia has determined that further discussions on the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Australian Cricketers’ Association (ACA) should not be held this week, as intended.

“Cricket Australia is committed to a negotiation that is conducted in good faith between the two parties, but will not take part in a process which seeks to draw its players into a public dispute.

“Players deserve the opportunity to focus on the game, rather than being distracted by a negotiation that should be conducted in a professional and confidential manner.

“In the period that will see tens of thousands of fans enjoy BBL matches, and the cricket community prepare for another Boxing Day Test, that cannot be assured if discussions continue under current arrangements with the ACA.

“Accordingly, the two days of meetings that were planned for today and tomorrow have been postponed, and Cricket Australia looks forward to continuing the discussions in the new year.”

The discussions between the ACA and CA have turned sour after the former accused the latter of discrimination against pregnant players and Australian labour ombudsman FairWork have launched a probe into the allegations.

Cricket Australia reminded the ACA that they signed off on any and all elements of player’s contracts and are therefore complicit in any wrongdoing.

It is unclear when the talks will resume.