Can England Overcome The Odds & Regain The 2021/22 Ashes Series?

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With England as hosts, 2019 gave us the first drawn Ashes Series since 1972, meaning Australia retained its title.

Australia prepares to host the competition in 2021/22 as titleholders, while England, on the other hand, look to push on from the previous tight matchup and claim the Ashes urn in their rivals home country.

However, the England team have to overcome the odds if they want to win in Australia — a location where they tend to get a little stumped.

Not only does Australia hold an overall lead in the Ashes Series, with 33 wins to England’s 32, but the last time England came up trumps in Australia was all the way back in 2010.

Despite the doubts, could England steal the show like Kevin Pieterson in 2005? Read on as we take a deep dive into the odds and study both teams to see if we’re in for a hard-fought win.

What do the odds say about England’s chances of winning?

Although it’s early days in the build-up to the 2021/22 Ashes Series, studying the current betting odds is an excellent early indicator of England’s chances, not least because it’s in a betting site’s interest to make the right call.

Looking at a variety of odds helps portray a broad picture of the matchup and creates a consensus around the expected results.

Here are what the highly recommended betting sites are saying about the Ashes Series at this point in time:

  • Bet 365: Australia at 8/15 and England at 11/4
  • PaddyPower: Australia at 1/2 and England at 11/4
  • 888 Casino: Australia at 1/2 and England at 11/4

From these odds, we can see that Australia are clear favourites to win the Ashes Series, without much tangible hope afforded to the England setup.

But even though most casino sites offer little ambiguity in regards to the result, you must remember the Ashes Series is a long way away — and a lot can happen in the interim.

Chances are the odds could flip 11/4 in England’s favour depending on a number of factors, such as team form and possible injuries ruling our key players close to the Ashes Series.

Betting odds often twist and turn with public opinion, especially as we get closer to the event. If you want to see if the England team has a real chance you need to routinely check recommended sites for the latest odds and see how these factors develop over time.

How does team form factor into the mix?

While betting odds offer a good idea as to the likely result of the Ashes Series in 2021/22, they might not tell you the whole story being so far removed from the event itself.

Few people are disputing Australia are the better overall team at the moment, but the gap between now and then leaves some wiggle room for us fans to revel in the speculation.

For instance, we can look to see how the teams are developing — and how they might look when the Ashes Series finally comes around.

How is Australia shaping up?

Following on from years of substandard cricket, the former test-match powerhouse was embroiled in the infamous Sandpapergate — an accusation of ball-tampering in a series against South Africa in 2018.

Coincidentally, the last Ashes Series coincided with the return of key players Steve Smith and David Warner from that prior ban. This not only made for an emotionally charged affair but also signalled the return of Australia to its former cricketing heights.

Since the 2-2 draw last year, Australia has gone from strength to strength and are in the process of assembling a star-studded roster, which has the potential to be the world’s best.

Along with perennial star players Steve Smith, Marnus Labuschagne, and Pat Cummings, the Aussies also boast an enviable selection of bright young prodigies like Will Pucovski — a player earmarked for greatness by a long list of Australia’s cricket legends.

When will we get an idea of how good this team can be? Note December 2020 in your calendars, when Australia face India in a four-test game series. This is a key date because India is no pushover and boasts a strong team of their own.

If Australia comes out on top against India, then we know England are going to have their work cut out at the 2021/22 Ashes Series.

What about England — do they stand a chance at the Ashes Series?

Despite what the odds are saying, you shouldn’t write off England quite yet.

We know from last year they have a team full of players capable of stepping up in big moments. Just take Ben Stokes and his match-saving innings at Headingley, for example.

Arguably one of the greatest individual match-winning performances in history, Stokes beat the odds and scored 135 (not out) to help England chase down 359 runs to win the game.

So we already know what last year’s stars Ben Stokes, Jofra Archer, and Joe Root can pull off when the odds are stacked against them. But how has the team developed to match Australia’s obvious improvements?

Joe Root and Ben Stokes

Yes, Australia has Pucovski, but England has Pope.

England is a team full of young stars and talented players heading into their prime — and batsman Ollie Pope is someone you need to keep a special eye on.

Ollie Burst onto the scene and quickly put a marker down for his position in the test squad.

His successful transition from a high impact style of the game to the tempered approach of test cricket is indicative of his raw talent and maturity at just 22 years old.

Although Pope was ruled out with a dislocated shoulder back in August, it won’t be long until he returns and pushes Australia to their limits at the 2021/22 Ashes Series.

Can England win? While the bookies’ favour Australia, we can’t predict the 2021/22 Ashes Series with any real confidence. In our eyes, the game is too close to call.

We have two stacked rosters with plenty of time to build chemistry and prepare for the historic match up.

Regardless of which way it goes, we have a hell of a series on our hands, which could be the most exciting we’ve seen for well over a decade. Make sure you tune in!