Can England win the T20 World Cup?


Ben Stokes is the Sports Personality of the Year, the England team are the team of the year, and of course, they are the current ODI world champions. But what about 2020? Can they follow that up with a T20 success?

The truth is that no country has ever held both titles at the same time. Of course, this is largely down to the fact that both competitions are hugely different. But if this England group can stay on their toes, this could be the greatest era in the nation’s history.

In fact, it could be an epic year for English sport. The current odds for Euro 2020 have England as the tournament favourites. Should the three Lions win their first major trophy since 1966, England could become the most unbeatable sporting nation for a year at the very least.

But enough about football and back to the cricket. Can England do it? They came close in the last outing in 2016, but aside from that their T20 form has been pretty unimpressive. They’ve lost ten and won 12 since the last T20, a record that is abysmal when held in comparison to their ODI form.

However, they have been making good progress, which has happily coincided with their ODI success. They are now ranked 3rd behind only Australia and Pakistan in the ICC T20 rankings. The recent T20 series win over New Zealand certainly laid some ghosts to rest and cemented the squad’s status as one of the tournament’s favourites.


It’s hard to imagine that not so long ago, many in the world of cricket would have dismissed England as potential finalists, but now they’re being touted as outright winners. Former skipper Michael Vaughan feels that it’s straight race between his former team and host nation Australia.

However, it’s hard to dismiss the likes of India, the West Indies, or Pakistan and in fairness, we doubt that anyone in the England camp has. So we’ll take Vaughan’s comments with a pinch of salt.

If they are to succeed where no team has succeeded before and hold two titles at the same time, England will need to retain their current form throughout the year. October is a long way off and we’re sure that some new faces will come and go. We may even see a few old familiar ones such as Ravi Borpara who could get the call as a wildcard.

So can England do it? Yes, we believe they can.