Chase five-for gives him a boost


West Indies allrounder, Roston Chase, received a timely boost to his confidence as he claimed a five-for during India's innings of 500 for 9 declared.

Chase muddled through his debut in the first Test without getting a wicket and failing to impress with the bat but his 5 for 121 in this second Test has encouraged the young man.

Speaking after play on day three, Chase said: "It is a great feeling to get five wickets in any match, but at Test level, it is a great feeling for me,

"I have just started my Test career and it is a great confidence boost for me that I can do it at this level."

The West Indies had to work hard for their wickets, but Chase credits changes to his line and length for his success: "Yes, it was hard for me. It's Test cricket, so you are never taught that it will be easy,

"But [in] the first game, I found out that my line was a bit too wide. So I adjusted my line and length in this match and the skipper told me to do that – to attack the batsmen more and hold a tighter line, and it worked for me."

Chase looked to slow down the pace he bowled to extract more turn, saying: "As I am 6'4", I tend to get a lot of bounce, but I found that I wasn't only getting bounce this time but I was also getting some turn as well, so that helped me a lot,

"I was spinning some balls and straightening some of them as well. I also tried to vary my pace in the game as I found that in the last match, I was a bit too quick. So when I slowed the ball down, I got more results in the match."

The allrounder insists his role in the team is still mainly as a batsman: "I am mainly a batsman, but earlier, in our local first-class season, I wasn't bowling a lot earlier on.

"But some of our players left for West Indies duty, so that's when I got an opportunity to express myself as a bowler. I am a bit accustomed to bowling now."

The 24-year-old believes the West Indies team is a good one but underlined the need for them to be consistent:

"We are a bit behind the eight-ball, but I believe that once the team pulls together, we have been seeing glimpses in the first game and this game that we have the ability to compete at this level.

"But we just need to streamline it a bit more so that we can have a better collective effort. As I said, we have had some glimpses, but we just have to streamline it and we will be fine".