Clarke: Ashes will be played in the right spirit

Australia captain Michael Clarke is confident that the upcoming Ashes series will be played in the right spirit, even though some moments in the game things might get heated.

The Aussies are known to try an unsettle batsmen with sledging, or verbal abuse, and have gone close to breaking the spirit of the game.

Clarke though says he does not see the benefits of sledging as he does not get phased by it while he is batting.

After a training session in London, Clarke said: "For me, being sledged or sledging somebody else has never really helped me or affected me.

"If someone like (former Australian players) Shane Warne or Matthew Hayden or Steve Waugh feel they get benefit out of talking to a batter, that's for them.

"I'm confident it will be played in the right spirit. Both teams will play hard.We respect that there's a line you can't cross. Both teams might head-butt that line but I'm confident we won't overstep the mark.

"As captain, I'll make sure I'm leading the way on that front and I'm confident the boys will follow."

The five-match Ashes series starts on 8 July with the first Test taking place in Cardiff.