Compton content with being less ‘glamorous’


England number three batsman Nick Compton says he is happy with his role as the anchor man in the order, despite coach Trevor Bayliss' comments recently about wanting a more free-flowing scorer.

Bayliss made the comments after the first Test, when he said that he'd ideally like someone with a bit more flair, but was happy with Compton in the meantime. The batsman admitted he asked the coach to clarify his remarks.

Compton, who has had only one real failure on the South Africa tour so far, said on Cricinfo: "I had a chat with Trevor about it, but there was no inference that was the way he wanted me to play.
"He just wanted to make it clear that's in an ideal world. But I've been selected for the reasons that I do what I do and he's been very clear about me doing that role as well as I can.

"It would nice to whack it like David Warner or de Villiers. Wouldn't we all like to do things differently and better? But having done a bit of that as a youngster and tried different things, I'm settled on what I do.

"There's probably been times when I've been frustrated at how I've got out, I have perhaps got just a little bit ahead of myself and chased one too many balls.

"I'm proud of what I do and I feel strongly that I have qualities and attributes that yes, might not be as glamorous as others at this time and place in life, but still have a big part to play.

"We know big hundreds and batting for long periods of time is what's important in Test match cricket.

"We know the new ball is a tough place to bat but, if I can get in and stay in, then I'm doing a good job for the guys. From a personal position, hopefully you get in and you cash in."