‘Dinosaur’ Sanga begs team to let him go

Sri Lanka veteran batsman Kumar Sangakkara is nearly 38 years old, and says he's starting to feel like a 'dinosaur' in the team and that's why he decided it was time to retire at last.

Sangakkara will play two Tests against India this month, and will thus not play in the third Test of the series. He did the same in the recent series against Pakistan, playing the first two but not the third.

He originally wanted to retire after the World Cup in March, but the selectors and skipper Angelo Mathews begged him to play four more Tests, before he goes to join up with Surrey in the English County Championship.

Sangakkara said: "The rest are mostly 26. I feel like a dinosaur in their company. It convinced me this was the right time to go.

"The reason for the two and two split, even though it is not ideal, was the agreement I had with the previous selection committee when I was discussing my future.

"I had plans to retire immediately after the World Cup, but they wanted me to try and play a bit more Test cricket. Four Tests was all I could offer them and they were okay with that."

Sangakkara also feels his presence is a detriment to the team now, telling Cricinfo: "I think in Sri Lanka we have real trouble letting go.

"If they want senior players to assist the team, to come and spend some time at training or in the dressing room, all that can be arranged. We are all willing to do that.

"But my taking up a place for another few months is just delaying the future for someone else."