Dizzy: Slow over rates down to lazy bowlers


Former Australia fast bowler and current Yorkshire coach Jason Gillespie has poured scorn over slow over rates, saying it's down to lazy captaincy and bowling, and teams should be heavily penalised.

'Dizzy' scoffed at the minimal fines players get for delaying the game, saying teams will make more of an effort if they lost runs per over down the drain.

One day of the recent England v Pakistan Test at Edgbaston saw eight overs lost in the day, nearly a tenth of the day. England batsman Alex Hales went so far as to pay a fan 10 percent of his money back.

Gillespie wrote in the London Evening Standard: "Don't listen to international players when they make excuses for their dreadful over rates.

"Overs are bowled too slowly because players are lazy, and their teams should be given run penalties when this happens.

"It is unacceptable for a side to fail to bowl 15 overs per hour for six hours – and I say this as a former fast bowler who wasn't necessarily the quickest at getting through his overs.

"So if I were a match referee, I would be incredibly tough on it. I would have a pretty simple policy – 10 runs deducted for every over a team failed to bowl. So if they got through only 89 in a day, they'd lose 10 runs."

He added that the delays caused fans to be put off the game, at a time when crowd numbers are dwindling already: "We have to make our game as customer friendly as possible.

"That means that it should proceed at a nice, brisk pace. We want as many people as possible to fall in love with cricket. They're not going to do that if the game keeps stopping for reasons they don't understand.

"Players need to take ownership of this situation. They need to start taking some responsibility. If you speak to them, they will come up with all sorts of reasons why the over rates are slow.

"They'll mention the Decision Review System, or people moving around in the batsman’s eye line. These are excuses. Just take some responsibility and get through the overs. No ifs, no buts. Just do it."