Domingo: Rules must be all or nothing

South Africa coach Russell Domingo feels the Law 42, which governs fair and unfair play on the cricket field, either needs to be ignored or applied without exception.

Additionally, Domingo feels the application of artificial substances to the ball in the form of edibles occurs often and should not be something fielders are punished for.

Domingo’s comments came shortly before Proteas stand-in captain Faf du Plessis’ hearing on ball-tampering charges, which took place in Adelaide on Tuesday.

“You see it daily with those types of instances taking place on the field. I don’t want to talk about the [Faf] incident too much but it seems to be a daily occurrence on the field of play so they [the administrators] might need to re-look at that should they feel its not within the spirit of the game,” Domingo told reporters.

Du Plessis was charged with ball tampering after footage of him shining the ball with a sweet in his mouth surfaced the day after Australia’s defeat in Hobart a fortnight ago, and has been fined part of his match fee after a hearing.

After two similar events involving the Proteas were brought under the authorities’ attention – Dubai in 2013 and Galle in 2014 – Domingo says the Proteas feel like an example is being made of the them.

“There are other teams that have maybe done similar things and we’ve maybe looked at one or two instances that they have done those things and they haven’t been highlighted. I wouldn’t say we’ve been targeted but we’ve definitely been highlighted,” Domingo continued.

“It’s definitely been brought to the attention of the world and its definitely been brought to the attention of the ICC and its definitely been brought to our attention. Although it seemed pretty insignificant at the start of it, quite a lot has been made of it.

“He [Du Plessis] is a tough and resilient man and the team really supported him and surrounded him to lessen the load on him.”

The South African squad has stood firmly behind Du Plessis and Hashim Amla has gone as far as to call the allegations a “joke” while saying the captain had done, “absolutely nothing wrong.”

Domingo added of the effect this had on the players: “Hopefully these incidents do galvanise the team a bit more.

“There’s definitely a feeling of togetherness and unity in the group and a lot of support for the current captain.

“It’s been an interesting few days. We’ve had a wonderful tour here, its been great, we’ve played great cricket. We’ve had long discussions and our focus now is purely on cricket.

“It hasn’t been ideal preparation. I would be lying if I say its been spectacular preparation but our focus is totally on the cricket.”