Dravid: I don’t see this as any stepping stone


India batting great Rahul Dravid does not feel his appointment as coach of the India under-19 side is a stepping stone to becoming the head coach of his national team.

Dravid, who played international cricket from 1996 until 2012, has accepted the role to coach his country's youth side as well as the India 'A' team.

The 42 year-old Dravid, who scored more than 13000 runs in 164 Test matches, told ESPNcricinfo: "I think it is really exciting because it has been an area I have always been interested in.

"I feel it is a very important stage of development of a lot of cricketers, having been through myself, and I am just hoping that having experienced being on A tours and being with an Indian Under-19 team, I will probably be able to help some of these young cricketers on their journey."

The batting great says the he could not turn down the opportunity to work the youngsters at a crucial stage of their development.

Dravid continues: "I don't see this as any stepping stone, I just see this as an opportunity to work with young players over the next few months, six weeks of an A tour and may be six or seven weeks, with the Under-19 team. This is all I see it as.

"More than anything this is something that really interests me, working hands on with young talent and obviously the fact that it is not as encompassing as say a national coach's job is. It makes it a really good fit for me."