Dravid: India Pakistan games are always exciting


Former India great Rahul Dravid says matches between India and Pakistan is always exciting but the respective Cricket Boards have to organise the matches as a lot of factors have to be taken into account.

Pakistan might take on India in a series in December in the UAE, which would be the first bilateral contest between the arch-rivals in eight years.

The two Asian nations have a history of violence between them because of political tensions and Dravid believes as much as we would like sport and politics not to mix, it always does.

Dravid, who scored more than 13000 runs in Test cricket, said: "You have a lot of issues, including security, the political situation in the two countries, and it cannot, unfortunately, be ignored. So decisions like that, in my belief, are best left to the boards, to the concerned ministries.

"If you look at it from the cricketing perspective it is always exciting to play against Pakistan. It is terrific to play against the Pakistan team and the Pakistan cricketers. But, obviously, a series between India and Pakistan is more than cricket. You have to be realistic about it.

"In an ideal Utopian world, yes, we would like to see cricket and never like to see cricket affected by anything, but we don't live in an Utopian world."