Dravid will consider taking India coaching job


Rahul Dravid says he will take his time to decide if he wants to become the next head coach of India, saying the decision 'needs to be weighed with lot of consideration'.

A legendary India batsman who scored more than 13 000 runs in 164 Tests, Dravid has been touted for the job with Ravi Shastri not having his contract renewed after the recent World T20.

Dravid said: "Any decision that I make at this stage of my life would depend on whether I have the bandwidth to do all these things. It takes time. You can never really say that now you are ready and now you are not.

"That's an experience. You have to do it to only know. Every day you do it and you want to learn.

"Anything that comes back to you needs to be weighed with lot of consideration, not only in terms of whether you feel you want to do it but also time that is involved in doing lot of these things what does it entail and what does it require, can you devote time and energy, anything that you would want to do, you want to ensure you are completely 100 percent focused on it."

The 43-year-old Dravid is the current coach of the India under 19 and India A sides while he will have a role as a mentor with the Delhi Daredevils in the upcoming IPL season.

Retired from international cricket in 2012, Dravid says he still has a lot to learn about coaching as it is different way of thinking to when he was a captain or just a player.

Dravid explained: "I am quite young in this kind of space. There were a lot of things I didn't think as a player. As a captain, I had to think about strategy and things like that but not to the depth of what you need to do as a coach.

"Your mind and energy are diverted to other things, so you think a lot about things that I didn't think as a player. You make mistakes and then I realise how I could have things differently."