Dunamis Player of the Week: James Faulkner

With only one cricket match taking place this past week, that little event called the World Cup final in Melbourne, pickings were slim for a Dunamis Player of the Week, but luckily one man put his hand up.

Said man has the scariest celebration face in world cricket, scarier than Dale Steyn at his most ferocious, and has the coolest nickname in cricket: The Finisher. Is he an assassin, a pastry chef, the guy who refuses to quit a race even though he's last?

No! He is James Faulkner, Australia's premier limited-overs all-rounder, who ended New Zealand's brave resistance in the space of two deliveries on Sunday. With Ross Taylor and Grant Elliott battling to rescue the knocked, Faulkner put their stand to a savage end.

He came on in the 36th over and with the first ball sent Taylor packing for 40, and two balls later removed the dangerous Corey Anderson. The Kiwis went from 150 for three to 150 for five, and a collapse followed, Faulkner yelled with gruesome delight.

He then went on to end Elliott's knock as well, with the batsman following his 83 not out in the semi-final with a gritty 84, though this time it was in vain. Faulkner was named man of the match for his efforts.

All this aside, the most intriguing (as long as you don't think about it too hard *shudders*) aspect was the fact that Faulkner, allegedly according to a drunk Brad Haddin, celebrated the World Cup win by removing his clothing.

Honourary mentions must go to the game's esteemed administrators, who have made this week such a delight. First, new England boss Colin GRaves, who has not even taken office yet, suggested four-day Tests that would have 105 overs per day. This has not gone down well, especially with people who like bowlers and reasonable finishes,

Then we had ICC president (well, former president now) Mustafa Kamal throwing his toys out of the pram because he didn't get to present the World Cup trophy. ICC chief N Srinivasan bullied Kamal off the only real job his title specifies, so he quit. To be fair, we'd be a bit grumpy too, but of all the things to take a stand against the ICC on…

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