Earning A Fortune On Sports Betting: Dream or Reality?


Do you like playing games of chance and placing bets? Do you want to both enjoy the process of staking and earn money from it? If you do, keep on reading this article and you will learn how to make a tidy sum placing sports bets.

As you have probably noticed, the number of casinos, betting offices and websites as well as slot machine halls is constantly increasing. Billions of people regularly visit such places to try their luck and… to earn some money. Despite all sorts of scary stories about people who have lost all their money playing games of chance, the popularity of gambling is not declining. What is the reason for such a situation? The answer to this question is obvious: there is a good chance of making a whole bunch of money from gambling. A lot of people have already made a considerable amount of money placing all kinds of bets. Here are some examples:

1 Maria Santonix. The laying system of this young lady made quite a fuss ten years ago. In 2005 Maria started her forum thread. She posted her selections almost every day so that users had the opportunity to take advantage of her tips. Besides, she disclosed the information about her incomes and losses. Her system did work. So, it took her less than a year to earn almost € 100,000,000. Isn`t that  amazing? Sure, you can find information about her system on the Internet. Maybe, it will help you become a successful bettor one day.

2 William T. “Billy” Walters. This successful businessman and experienced gambler has managed to earn a fortune on gambling. Although he operates in a number of other business spheres, he is famous for being a betting genius mainly. He knows how to make a mint of money placing smart bets. Due to his fame, his bets are unwelcome in most sportsbooks. That is why he hires people that place stakes for him. Sure, he makes every effort to hide his connections with them. No doubt, every gambler who knows about Walters dreams of becoming his employee.

3 Tony Bloom. This outstanding sports bettor has founded the company Starlizard offering consulting services to gamblers. He started to gamble when he was a young boy. He has been improving his betting skills and developing his own strategy for many years. Sure, he has not stopped placing bets, but today he also earns money on providing his clients with consulting services. One should note that the employees of his company also place bets on a regular basis and earn money on that.

No doubt, to earn on bets one should work out a strategy and use it. Here are betting tips and recommendations, which have proven to be effective.

# 1 Think twice before placing a bet. This rule is obvious enough; still, many gamblers neglect it. Sure, placing bets is meant to provide you with fun; however, that is not the only reason you risk losing the hard-earned money. You take such a risk to earn something. Consequently, you should not stake on a team if it is unlikely to win. Forget about the affections for your local team or your friends` favorite teams, use sound judgment and you will both enjoy the process of placing stakes and earn some money as a bonus.

# 2 Be contrarian. What are your decisions influenced by? You may believe that you make most decisions, taking into account your opinion and preferences only; still, there is one more influence factor – trends. Maybe, you do not comprehend that they have an impact on your preferences and behavior, but they do. So, most of the players prefer placing their stakes on favorites. In most cases, they win. However, sometimes, it is advisable to choose an opposite strategy, if you bet on the team or horse that is not a favorite, you can get a huge sum of money in case of a win. It does not mean that you should never place bets on favorites, the best variant is to consider all the competitors and stake on the most promising.

# 3 Work out a money management strategy. Sports betting is not about guessing or predicting the winners of the competitions only. It is about managing your money in an effective way, too. If you want to avoid such problems as huge debts or bankruptcy, you should formulate a strategy and stick to it. So, experienced bettors recommend to determine your base betting unit from the very beginning. It is advisable to make sure that it is at least 100 times smaller than your bankroll. Besides, all your bets should be equal. If you follow these recommendations, you will have the opportunity to keep on placing stakes, even in case you lose a large number of bets. After all, there is an outside chance that you will win all the bets (or even most of them).

# 4 Invest some time and effort. It seems to be obvious that, in most cases, to get money you need to do something. Gambling is not an exception. There is a slight chance that you will earn a fortune at once after you place your first bet. It usually takes much time and effort to develop the strategy that will help you make a living from placing stakes. You will have to spend some time familiarizing yourself with playing techniques, as well as analyzing the teams` statistics. Still, one should mention that today you can use all sorts of services designed for bettors. They will, no doubt, make your life easier.

# 5 Develop a betting schedule. To earn money on betting, you should treat it as a job. So, you should have a work schedule and stick to it. Every week choose the games you want to stake on. Place bets regularly so that you have a regular income. Do not hope that you will place one huge stake and earn a fortune on it. That is how lotteries work, but sports betting is a very different thing. Still, you should not place a bet if you are not sure that you will win, even in case it is planned. If the bet does not seem so attractive any more, reduce it or just walk away.

# 6 Do not chase bets. That is a very common mistake. After you lose a considerable amount of money, it may seem to you that you should recoup it. So, you may start placing huge bets trying to get your money back. But such a strategy may lead to more losses and bankruptcy. As for good bets, when you win some money, you usually feel excited and proud of yourself and it may seem to you that you are a very lucky and experienced bettor. Still, it is not a reason for ill-advised steps, such as staking on the team just because it has won the previous game or increasing the amount of your base betting unit. To become a successful bettor you should, first of all, learn to stay sober in any kind of situation. Do not let your emotions get control of you. Stick to your schedule and place smart bets, it is the only way to earn on betting.

# 7 Make sure that you understand all the necessary betting terms. To understand which teams or players are worth betting on you should take into account all the details of the bet, including money lines and point spreads. You can use these numbers to determine how much you can win and to decide whether a particular bet is worth risking. To become a successful bettor and to earn a comfortable living from betting, you should take into consideration both the team`s or player`s potential and bet details while placing stakes.

# 8 Use several sportsbooks. Experienced bettors recommend to have accounts with at least three books. In such a case, you will have the opportunity to compare the money lines offered by different sportsbooks and to choose the most advantageous one. You can reduce risks in such a way. The best time to start searching the suitable line is about an hour before a match or a game.

# 9 Use bonuses for matched betting. What is matched betting? It is a betting strategy that involves placing bets both for and against a particular team. So, you stake on both possible outcomes. Since you use free bets your losses are minimum.   This type of betting is almost risk-free.

# 10 Never underestimate the line makers. Take as an axiom that line makers have a good understanding of all the aspects of a betting process, as well as of the sportsmen` potential. You will never beat them. Still, you can try to understand their logic and to think in the way they do, it will help you win more often. So, if a line seems to be strange, have another think coming and you will see that it is all right.

These tips will be useful for you both in case you have no experience of placing sports bets and in case you need sound advice on how to bet more effectively. It may turn out that you have been placing bets for several months or even years, but this activity has not provided you with any income yet because you keep on neglecting some crucial rules. If you take the recommendations of experienced bettors seriously, it will, no doubt, contribute to the growth of your income.

Since betting enjoys immense popularity today, you can find hundreds of other useful tips on the Internet, for example, on the website It is never too late to learn about new betting strategies and start applying them.

The conclusion

There are dozens of reasons why people spend their free time placing bets; still, the main reason is the possibility to make good money on it. Stories about people who have managed to earn a fortune on betting inspire others to try their luck. Today you do not need to invest much money to start placing sports bets, there are hundreds of specialized websites offering all sorts of bonuses, including non-deposit ones. Besides, you can find thousands of useful betting tips and guides on the Internet, so you can learn all the necessary information on betting for free without leaving your home. As you can see, anyone, regardless of his experience and financial status, can easily start a betting “career” nowadays. And if he follows the recommendations of the experienced gamblers, stays disciplined and invests enough time and effort, he will certainly manage to earn very good money on betting.