ECB approve points system for Super Series


The England and Wales Cricket Board have approved a points system for their home series in the upcoming weeks, with the Super Series against Sri Lank and Pakistan to be decided by total points.

So each win, no matter the format, will give the winning side points. A Test win sees four points awarded, and two for a draw, while a limited overs win will give two points. As such, the team with the most points at the end of the tour wins.

ECB director Andrew Strauss said that this format would make the players and fans keep their interest in the entire tour, and keep the matches as relevant as possible.

Strauss said: "We know that Test cricket is well supported in this country. We know that every English player takes the format incredibly seriously and I can't see that changing.

"But we also know that Test cricket is being challenged around the world and I certainly feel a responsibility – I think everyone involved in the game should feel a responsibility – to make sure it remains relevant.

"The rationale is that the game of cricket is evolving unbelievably quickly. We feel responsibility to ensure the international game develops and evolves and, central to that, is context and relevance for every game of cricket.

"We believe the Super Series will provide that context and relevance by connecting the formats and ensuring that every game counts for something more than just itself.

"The advantages of this are that, first of all, there is that context and, secondly, fans of a certain format will hopefully feel more connected to the other formats.

"Also our players in very different and quite separate teams will feel more connected to each other so two separate white-ball and red-ball teams will be connected by something greater than their own immediate interests."