England legend running camp in Texas

The USA women’s team have been given an enormous boost by legendary former England skipper Charlotte Edwards who is running a coaching camp in Texas.

The camp forms part of the USA’s preparation for their ICC Europe T20 Qualifier which they are competing in courtesy of a wildcard entry handed to them by the ICC.

Edwards told ESPN Cricinfo: “Part of what I’m over here for is to help prepare them, talk to them about T20 cricket.

“I’ve had a little bit of a chat with the girls around the strategy behind it. I’m just trying to help them as much as I possibly can in preparation for that tournament, which is huge for them.”

The camp has been taking place at Pearland south of Houston which has played host to the USA men’s team’s high performance camp which an elite group of women’s players were invited to.

Edwards had previously visited North America with an MCC Women’s team.

She would add: “I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the MCC here in Canada and the United States.

“For me, I just saw a passion for learning and wanting to be better and I think there was just a hunger here for obviously some female coaching. I’m a person of my word and I said I’d come back.

“Back in September, that opportunity wasn’t there then and it’s great. Once I heard that they’ve got that opportunity to play in a T20 Qualifier, it’s enormous.

“There’s many things I kind of want to help with.

“I think growing their awareness of the game and obviously having played a lot myself, hopefully I can pass on a lot of advice and experiences that I’ve been through.

“Upskilling them, that’s always important. Working on their skill development, giving them options especially in terms of the batting. I think that’s where probably I’m hopefully going to be a real asset to them.

“We’ll be doing a lot of scenario work. They obviously don’t get that much chance to play cricket so we’ve got to create that as much as we can over the four-day camp which I’m really excited about.”