Eoin Morgan believes there is still room for all three formats

Eoin Morgan England South Africa T20

England 50-over World Cup-winning captain Eoin Morgan understands that concessions need to be made in order for tournaments around the world to take place, but he is concerned that Test cricket may be taking a back seat.

Morgan will captain Kolkata Knight Riders in the India Premier League before leading the London Spirit in The Hundred tournament in England, ahead of the 2021 World Twenty20 World Cup in India in October.

Cricket is in a healthy place

While he is aware of the revenue and coverage the shorter formats of the game bring, he is also concerned that Test match cricket is not being given enough priority.

“Ultimately younger players always give you a great insight into where cricket is at right now,” Eoin Morgan told The Cricket Show.

“Our youngest, best talents coming through like our Sam Curran or India’s Shubman Gill who are coming in and starting out on their journey in international cricket are really prioritising Test match cricket.

“That to me means that even amongst the popularity that T20 has brought to the game, and the glitz, the glamour, the revenue streams it has brought in – cricket is in a really healthy place.

“The biggest question that we will have, is what is the relevance of the three formats and where do they stand?”

Eion Morgan discusses the future of cricket

Scheduling has been made even more challenging over the last 18 months due to the on-going coronavirus pandemic and the fact that players need to undergo virus testing and between 10 and 14 days of quarantine every time they cross a border.

This has meant that tours have begun to overlap with players leaving halfway through one in order to be finished with quarantine before the other begins, and Morgan is adamant that it is more important than ever to consider the role each format of cricket has in the future of the game.

“One of the biggest mistakes we make as a sport is having all three formats overlap or not recognising the roles that they play within the game,” Eoin Morgan said.

“T20 cricket is an avenue for a young kid who has never seen the game and sees this big shiny thing on TV with stars and the ball being blasted everywhere; 50-over cricket has a different dynamic, it gives you a little bit of everything all in one day.

“Test match cricket is our most prestigious game for our elite players. It will always be like that and for a very few countries around the world, it is prioritised.”