Faf: Everything we do now is for the WT20


South Africa T20 captain Faf du Plessis says there may be some decisions in the coming days that seem like they're coming out of 'left field', but that everything they'll do against India will be with a view to the World Twenty20.

The tournament will be played in India early next year, and Du Plessis says they're using the current visit to get guys who have little to no IPL experience, like spinner Eddie Leie, to have a taste of the conditions.

Du Plessis said on Cricinfo: "I am excited for this tour because its in India, where we are going to play the World T20. There are a few guys who are getting opportunity, guys who can potentially make an impact in these conditions.

"If you look at someone like Eddie Leie, he is probably a left-field inclusion but it is to give guys who are not as experienced as playing in India through the IPL an opportunity.

"Everything that we do as a T20 side is geared towards that World T20 and there is no difference for this series."

One player the Proteas will want to get a look at is ice cool skipper MS Dhoni, who is a close friend of Du Plessis', as they have played together for the Chennai Super Kings for years.

Faf said: "MS' strength as a captain is his cricket brain. He controls everything on the field – everything is up to him. He will set the field. He will tell the bowler what to bowl.

"He will decide the batting order, he will decide when he goes in to bat, he is a very powerful member in that Indian team. And MS is very calm. When there is real pressure in the field, guys look to MS."

Another influential character will be Test captain Virat Kohli, who Du Plessis feels will be more aggressive in his leadership style, and it will make an interesting change for the Proteas to face the two captains.

He added: "Virat is a little more aggressive and in your face and with his style of captaincy, he will demand a bit of that from his players as well. We'll see a little bit more of that in this series than we usually do from India.

"Usually, they are pretty chilled and smile and relaxed on the field and just talk around the bat when the spinners are bowling, but it's a new phase of Indian cricket and we've also got a few guys who can do a bit of that."