Farbrace lauds players ahead of World T20 final


England assistant coach Paul Farbrace has lauded their players as they prepare for Sunday's World T20 final against the West Indies, saying they have coped well with the pressure.

The Three Lions lost to the Windies in their first game of the competition, but Farbrace said that defeat has helped them as they knew every match from then was a must-win.

Farbrace said on the ECB website: "We've said all along that having lost the first game pretty much every game has been a semi-final.

"They've coped with that pressure, they've coped with people writing them off, saying they lack experience and lack knowledge of India.

"They just keep getting better and better and the one thing we've talked about a lot is not only being a team that's learning and developing but being a team that's winning because international sport is about winning.

"To keep not only learning but understanding the conditions, understanding the way cricket is played in this part of the world and how you have to think on your think but to win against proper opposition is fantastic."

The former Sri Lanka coach who led the Asian side to the World T20 title two years ago said there job as the coaching staff is to just keep the players calm before the big day.

Farbrace also stressed that they will concentrate on themselves and not on the opposition they will be facing.

He said: "Our job between now and Sunday is just to keep the lads calm and talk to them about the fact it's a fantastic opportunity.

"Our focus will be all on us, it will be talking about reminding the players what they do well, reminding them how they practice and why they practice in the way they have and so that when they come to the game situation that will be as instinctive as possible and go and play your way – that's all we've ever said.

"Let's make sure we're aggressive with our intent and take the game to the opposition. Play the way you've played for your county and enjoy playing like that."