Faulkner expects ‘Gabba to be full of runs


Australia all-rounder James Faulkner predicts a high-scoring second ODI against India at the Gabba, replicating the 600-plus runs the sides made in Perth, as the deck's pace will help batsmen again.

The first ODI say India score 308, and Australia chase that down with relative ease, as the fast, bouncy decks played like roads for the batsmen. Faulkner expects much of the same in Brisbane.

Faulkner said: "Everyone was quite surprised by the way the wicket played in Perth, it was very flat and we saw a lot of runs scored. I think any time you see 300 scored and chased it's definitely a flat wicket.

"I'm expecting the same sort of scenario here as well, I haven't seen a one-day wicket that hasn't been flat here for a fair while, so it should have good pace, carry and be a good contest again.

"In general it's a tough gig bowling in Perth and here. Runs can be scored so fast due to the pace on the ball, change-ups don't grip as much as other grounds like the MCG and Canberra that we'll see later in the series.

"Everyone got hit the other day so I don't think you can single out one or two bowlers."

Faulkner then said that the big hitting had nothing to do with the Big Bash League being on at the same time, and that the players felt no pressure to be more extravagant with their shots in order to attract viewers.

He added: "Every time you go onto the ground you try to entertain, I don't think you specifically go out there and think 'I want to put on a show', it's more worrying about what you can do to contribute to the team.

"The revolution in T20 cricket and how successful the Big Bash has been this season with the crowd numbers that have attended and also on TV, it's only going to get bigger.

"It's an exciting time for cricket in general, you're seeing a lot more high scores in the one-day format as well. That's entertaining enough."