Finn: Fans are proud to support us again


England fast bowler Steve Finn says it's great to be able to walk down the street and have fans greet him warmly, rather than the abuse he copped six months ago after the World Cup, and also after the Ashes in Australia.

With England leading the series 3-1, with one game to go at The Oval, Finn says he wants to make sure they win 4-1, for the fans, but also to get revenge for the whitewash Down Under last year.

He's enjoying the sense of pride that has returned to the team, saying even he was embarrassed after the Ashes defeat last year, and wants to end the series on a high note in London.

Finn said: "Obviously we wanted to avenge that coming into the series, it was deeply embarrassing being over there for that.

"I didn't even play a part in the series but I was there watching every day and it hurt to be beaten like that. So to be sat here now having regained the Ashes is a very nice feeling.

"We want to win 4-1, we don't want to finish on a downer, that would be such a disappointing way to end what has been such an exciting series. We are glad that people are celebrating.

"It's great when you get stopped in the street to say they are proud of you and it's nice considering where we were when we came back from that World Cup, when people were embarrassed to be associated with England or to be supporters of English cricket.

"To make people proud is a great feeling and I think if we were to win 4-1, which is very much what we are focused on, hopefully we can make them even more proud."

He added of the public's change in attitude: "Just walking up and down the street doing the shopping over the last couple of days, people stop you and say 'we're proud of you' and it's lovely – that's what going out there and doing it is all about.

"We go out there for ourselves and the team, obviously, but we do it for the wider perspective and other people as well. That is something I really enjoy and if we can put smiles on people's faces then that is fantastic.

"Six months ago no one stopped me, no one said hello – other than people hanging off scaffolding abusing me!"