Finn: I was overthinking everything

Steven Finn has spent months trying to get back his natural, easy action after it deserted him last year in Australia.

England and Middlesex fast bowler Steven Finn has spent months trying to get back his natural, easy action after it deserted him last year, and says he was overthinking every little movement until being sent home from Australia.

Finn devolved from one of England's best bowlers to being unpickable in the Ashes at the end of last year, and was eventually sent home to work on technical aspects of his bowling after destroying his action over the course of a year.

The paceman made a number of changes to his action, from shortening his run up to changing his approach to avoid knocking the stumps with his knee, and that threw his entire action of out whack to the point where he couldn't send down two similar balls in a row.

Finn revealed: "Standing at the back of my mark thinking 'where the hell is this going to go?' you lose all sensation of that feeling on the end of your fingertips. You lose it and you can't find it."

He continued: "You can overthink things and get away from the things that make you a good bowler. That's what I did from the beginning of 2013 to the beginning of 2014.

"I was working on things or doing things that were detrimental to me becoming a better bowler. Every session it'd be: 'Do I turn more side on? Do I lengthen my delivery stride? Do I come a bit wider of the crease? Do I finish my action off more?

"There were lots of things that I was trying. It's not like I was over there just saying 'this is rubbish, I give up'. Until the day I left Australia, I went to the nets and tried to unlock it but it was like banging my head against a brick wall."

While England bowling coach David Saker was a big part of the changes Finn made, the paceman took the blame for the shorter run up on himself, saying: "A lot of what happened knocked on from that shortened run.

"I grew bad habits and got away from the way I had bowled when I was young. I was the one who made those decisions at a stage in my career where I had to make decisions. I made the wrong ones and it knocked me off track."

Finn gave a lot of credit to his form for Middlesex this season to Richard Johnson, the bowling coach, after they worked for many hours to get his action back to what it was.

He said: "When you've not done it for so long it feels so alien. Jono was there behind me saying it looks really natural and looks really good. I was there going 'it doesn't feel natural, it feels terrible, it feels that I can't get the ball to go where I want it to go.'

"As I practiced more, the muscles remember it and think 'ok, this is starting to feel more natural'. It probably took two months or six weeks of just doing that and walking through and feeling my arms moving more naturally before we went back any further than that."

"I'm very lucky that Jono knows me and my action very well so I can go to him any time and say 'what do you think?'. It's probably a system that I've underused in the past.

"Now that I've actually been able to spend six months quality time with just Jono working with me it's helped me move in the right direction much quicker than I have done over the last few years."