Fleming ‘in limbo’ after Chennai suspension


Chennai Super Kings coach Stephen Fleming has been left floundering a bit after the IPL franchise was suspended for two years by the courts earlier this week, and says he's not sure what the future holds for him.

Fleming, a former New Zealand captain, has been coaching the Super Kings for years and led them to three titles, but after corruption behind the scenes saw CSK and Rajasthan Royals suspended, his job went with it.

But Fleming is sure that the players, with big names like MS Dhoni and Faf du Plessis amongst them, will be looked after, and will be snapped up by other sides if they choose not to sit idle for the next two years.

Fleming told stuff.com: "I'm still contracted but it is a case of wait and see. There is so much to happen over the next few days, weeks, maybe even months.

"If the franchise waits out two years, does it include me or not? I don't know. Just like the players, I am in limbo.

"The players are basically on year-to-year contracts and they can choose whether to accept a new contract or not. It is my understanding, if Chennai wanted to keep them, they would have the choice of being retained or going back in the auction.

"You would imagine if the franchise wasn't playing for two years the players would opt to go back into the auction. The players will be fine. They will be well looked after."

The process of banning the sides had been in the works for two years, with various court cases and reports conducted into corruption, and Fleming says that Chennai were expecting some punishment, but not one this severe.

He added: "The franchise message was, they were prepared for a punishment, but they are little surprised by the severity. I don't know how the franchise will respond and what options they will have to respond with."